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Do you like cooking with induction cooktops?

Chef Holmes: I don’t. I need to see a flame and control it. I don’t care if [induction burners] can bring water to a boil in five seconds: I don’t need that.

Chef Selland: I think induction burners are great, but the one problem with induction is that it’s expensive technology, and then you have to buy specific pans for it. We use induction burners for our pastry area, and they are great, but they cost a lot of money. 

Chef Subido: I have used induction for cooking pastries and omelets, because induction burners help cook those things evenly. So if you’re using it for making caramel or sugar work, it works really well.

Verdict: Our chefs who liked induction burners used them primarily for pastries. If you like — or want — to frequently make pastries, you can purchase a portable induction burner if you’re not ready to commit to an induction cooktop or range.