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How many burners do you prefer on your cooktop or range?

Chef Selland: I wouldn’t mind having more than four burners, but in my home, I just don’t have room for a bigger stove. Eventually I’ll be remodeling my home kitchen and I plan on getting a six-burner range. I saw the perfect one; it had four burners together, then a griddle and two more burners to the side.

Chef Vizethann: I like having six burners. Because I use an electric stove, what I like to do is put one burner on high, and the burner right next to it on medium or low, so if I need to switch my heat really quickly, I can switch it over to the other burner.

Verdict: Just about all our chefs preferred having six burners in their restaurant kitchen and home kitchen. Of course, they are used to cooking many different items at once.