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Specialty Finishes for Wood Cabinets

There are countless ways to give even more character to your cabinets. Options include:


crackle finish

Crackle: cracks in paint simulate the aging of a painted surface



splatter finishSplatter: dark paint tops light or light tops dark to give a spattered look



wormholing finishWormholing: random small holes throughout the wood mimic holes left by boring worms or larvae



distressed finishDistressing: cracks, dents and nicks give the appearance of aged wood



rounded corners finishRounded corners: corners and edges are sanded before finishing for an antique look



Rub through-edges: crested areas and corners are sanded to reveal base color

Cow tails-splatter: marks are applied that resemble the comma shape of the flick of a cow's tail

Chaining:indentations are made that simulate wear and tear over time

Rasping: done with a rasp, the edges have filed scarring



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