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Built-In Sizes


Courtesy of Dacor

Dacor offers dishwashers in both the standard 24-inch width (right) and oversize 30-inch width (left).

Most homeowners are probably buying a new standard-size under-counter dishwasher to replace an existing one, and putting it into the same space. Even so, take precise measurements of height, width and depth before going shopping: While the standard size dishwasher is about 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 35 inches high (with adjustable-height legs), those are approximate dimensions. Some are a little narrower, a little shallower or a little shorter, which can make a difference during installation.

In an older home the actual height from the floor to the counter could turn out to be different than expected once the old dishwasher is removed-for example, if the current flooring was laid down over existing flooring, it may not extend under the dishwasher and the cabinets. Also, if you have a countertop made of granite or other natural stone, the dishwasher will need to be installed with side brackets that attach to the cabinet rather than the counter.

A standard-size built-in dishwasher with a tall tub will fit in the same space but has a larger interior and holds more dishes. A double-drawer dishwasher is slightly shorter than a traditional dishwasher, but still will fit in the same space. This type will probably hold fewer dishes than a dishwasher with one tub, but has the advantage of being able to run each drawer separately.

If you're remodeling your kitchen or building a new home, you have the option of making space for the 30-inch extra wide dishwasher made by Dacor. Ideal for big families or big kitchens, the 30-inch dishwasher holds up to 20 place settings at a time.

Space-Saving Dishwashers

In an apartment, condominium, town home or other small residence where a standard or oversize dishwasher takes up too much room, you have several alternative options:


Dishwasher Type


Place Settings



W: 18 inches, H: 35 inches, D: 24 inches

6 to 8

Under counter


H, W and D: 18 to 22 inches each



In-sink (Briva by KitchenAid)

W: 36 or 42 inches (including sink); H: 21 inches, D: 22 inches


Inside second bowl of special deep sink


W: 18 inches, H: 36 to 37 inches, D: 24 inches

6 to 8


Single drawer

W: 24 inches, H: 16 to 17 inches; D: 24 inches


Under counter

Under-sink (SpaceMaker by GE)

W: 24 inches, H: 34 inches, D: 24 inches; top is "cut out" to make room for sink

8 to 10

Requires special shallow sink


Compact dishwashers make sense for singles or couples with small kitchens who want a built-in dishwasher but can't give up enough cabinet space for a standard dishwasher. An under-the-sink dishwasher is another option in a small space-but keep in mind, only GE makes them, so you won't have much choice of models, and you'll need a shallow sink to go along with it.

Portable and countertop dishwashers are good choices for renters who aren't allowed to remodel or homeowners who don't dirty many dishes and would prefer to avoid the cost of installation.

While both the in-sink dishwasher and the single-drawer dishwasher make a nice fit for a small kitchen, either one can be a strain on the wallet. Single-drawer models run from around $750 to $950, while the in-sink version is about $1,800. These are both most likely to work for a larger household or one that entertains frequently, where a small dishwasher is required in an island, bar, butler's pantry or other secondary location.