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Additional Options

Here are some additional options that you may want to consider when purchasing a washing machine:


Some washers have manual controls such as dials or push buttons; others have digital touchpad controls; some use a combination of the two. Touchpad controls are easier to clean, easier to see in poorly lit rooms, and allow you to program different settings. Of course, models with digital controls also tend to be more expensive.

Delayed Wash
This feature allows you to load the washer and determine your settings, then postpone the start of the wash to a more convenient time; say, after the morning showers are done or during the night when electricity rates are lower.

Detergent dispensers that distribute the detergent at the appropriate times are somewhat common. Higher-end washers, including most front-loaders, also feature dispensers for bleach and fabric softener.

Noise Reduction
If your washer will be on a main floor of your home and not the basement or garage, noise may be a concern. Washing machines with additional insulation, sound packages or reinforced frames will run more quietly.

Depending on the location of your washer and whether or not you have children, you may want a model with a safety lock on the lid or door to prevent it from opening during the wash cycle.

A one-year warranty is standard.




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