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Islands Free up Your Walls

Black and Grey Kitchen Island

Courtesy of KraftMaid

Storage space doesn't have to be along your kitchen's perimeter; or even built-in. Islands also serve as an essential workspace that frees up space along the kitchen walls while creating a striking design statement. Don't overlook the island's value as a storage space. If you use your island surface for food prep, installing a cutting board, cutlery drawer, small sink, or trash drawer will save you valuable time. Similarly, locate pots and pans, pot holders, or serving platters on and in cooking islands. 

Your options for island storage solutions include:

  • Place your cooktop on your island, freeing up the wall space formerly taken up by the ventilation unit.

  • Consider installing a microwave in your island; they can eat up your countertop space.

  • Add a storage and work space that can be moved around when entertaining with a wheelable cart or rolling island.

  • Attach hooks or bars to island ends for hanging dishtowels and potholders.

  • Showcase your cooking penchant; open shelving lends itself to cookbook storage.