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Make Color Work For You

Kitchen with bright blue walls and brown cabinetry

The warm yellow used on the walls and ceiling in this kitchen helps expand the space and heighten the ceilings.

A rule of thumb says to color a room with a 60-30-10 split between three colors: use one color on a majority of the space, a little bit less of another, and an even smaller amount as an accent color. In the kitchen, your major color might cover the walls or the cabinets; your secondary color the floor; and your accent color the countertops.

You can use color to influence how large or small the kitchen feels:

Desired Effect

Color Choice

Expand space

Cool, light, or dull colors; minimal contrasts

Shrink space

Warm, dark, or bright colors; maximum contrasts

Lower a ceiling

Warm colors and dark tones

Heighten a ceiling

Cool colors and light tints

Shorten a room

Warm or dark colors

Lengthen a room

Cool, light, or dull colors; limited contrasts

Hide an undesirable feature

Surrounding color