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The Right Hue for You

Small dark kitchen with bright contrasting cabinets.

Testing various shades of your desired color will help you choose the right shade that best fits your space.

Once you grasp the fundamentals of color design, you'll want to find the hues that are right for you. The problem lies in determining just which shade of paint, perfect finish or bolt of fabric will make your kitchen's design come together.

Discover how to build your own color design with color schemes. Whether you want to simply add color to a white kitchen or develop a nature-based color scheme, you'll find the basics of what you need to get started here.

Knowing what influences color design will also help you make your own design choices. Color influences indicate how cultural, political and social moods impact design. If you recognize how these influences may change design trends in the future, you can save yourself the headache of switching out wall colors or window treatments down the road.


Perhaps one of the best indicators for choosing color is your own personal energy system. The Chakra System provides a holistic approach to design solutions. Even popular shades like yellow go beyond design by aiding digestion and more.

Finally, don't overlook the importance of your countertop color. While walls and cabinets are important, your countertop will serve as the background to many of your everyday accessories. And with expanding technology for countertop materials, your choices range from neutral naturals to brightly saturated solid surfaces.



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