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Keeping an Eye Open for Inspiration

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Color is deeply personal, so be sure you choose tones that make you feel comfortable.

What brings color to living? Everything from fashion to politics to transportation; always look for influences where you wouldn't normally expect to. Take note of car interiors, cosmetics, the names of fragrances. It's vitally important to keep your eyes open to inspirations. Embrace all that you see, taste, smell, and hear so the whole world can be your influence.

We seek sustainable gardens, architecture, and life through eco color. Organic in nature, this is the greening of products for the home, colors like yellow-greens, earthy tans and dewy blues.

The international marketplace brings stylized, romanticized looks. Look toward new directions in the coming years-colors based on Morocco's clay pots, Native American turquoise and countries like Vietnam will rise in popularity. In this time of patriotism, look for multiculturalism in color.

Metal is a huge influence on color. Transportation is sleek with silver exteriors and brushed aluminum interiors. When you strip away the glitz, the essence is color. Silvers and charcoals will be on the rise, with an increase in rust and deep yellow-coppers that remind us of home-cooked meals.

The search is on for a comfort zone-comfort from today's stress and sense of the unknown. Colors that are at once familiar and soothing-muted blues, reds, tans, and browns-still radiate with newness.

Neutral is taking a new stand. A neutral is anything that makes everything in front of it look good. But it isn't beige anymore, and these aren't wallflower colors. The introduction of stronger colors requires stronger neutrals. Colors like red, plum and grays will be the new neutrals; acting as a catalyst to give other colors a boost.


-Mark Woodman, Color Marketing and Design Manager for Duron Paints, and member of Color Marketing Group

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