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PANTONE'S® Color of the Year: Bright, Beautiful & Expressive

If you’re anything like us, these long, gray winter days leave you yearning for a colorful pick-me-up. Thankfully, the Pantone Color Institute’s® 2014 Color of the Year has been announced, and we’re confident it will warm and inspire you with its soft, saturated splendor.

Ask a Designer: Small Kitchens

How can I make the best use of space in a small kitchen?

Ask a Designer: Island Pros & Cons

What are the pros and cons of a kitchen island?

Ask a Designer: Design Trends

What are some popular design trends?

Ask a Designer: Dated Colors

What colors will make my kitchen look dated?

Ask a Designer: Creating a Focal Point

How do you create a focal point in the kitchen?

Ask a Designer: Cabinet Colors & Materials

Should I use multiple cabinet colors?

Remodeling with Tracy & Tony: Revolving Door

Tracy and Tony are remodeling their 112-year-old Victorian home's kitchen. Previously, Tracy told us about her old kitchen's problems, the realities of remodeling, and in the fourth installment of Remodeling with Tracy and Tony, she fills us in on the final makeover of her new kitchen.

Remodeling with Tracy & Tony: Designer's Q & A

In the third installment of Remodeling with Tracy and Tony, Dayna Waldman--the Smartrooms kitchen designer behind this remodel--gives us her perspective on what to expect when remodeling, design tips for empty nesters and the remodel process for Tracy and Tony.

Remodeling with Tracy and Tony: Renovating Realities

In our second installment of Remodeling with Tracy and Tony, Tracy catches us up on the remodel's progress and the unexpected realities of renovating your kitchen.

Remodeling with Tracy and Tony: Getting Started

Tracy and Tony are remodeling their 112-year-old Victorian home's kitchen. In this three-part series, Remodeling with Tracy and Tony, we'll follow the family as they remodel.

Recycled Tile for Backsplashes

We recently added several new slides to the Backsplash Tips & Trends slideshow (if you want to see only the new ones, start with this slide about European backpslash ideas). 

2012 Kitchen Trends

Dark, rich cabinet finishes and a pop of color are hot trends for 2012. This kitchen has cardinal and onyx painted finishes from KraftMaid.

Mirror, Mirror on the Cabinet…

A recent addition to our contemporary photo gallery is a white kitchen designed by Darren Morgan. The kitchen was made for a family across the pond, but if features a useful idea for parents anywhere: mirrored cabinet inserts.

Vacation Home Kitchens

It's summertime - and the living is easy! This Sensible Style is dedicated to vacations…and vacation home kitchens.

Steam Punk Kitchen and Home

Would you consider dressing your home in thematic way?

Pet-Friendly Kitchen Tips

Curiosity actually can kill your cat. And an old dog's new tricks may leave messes around your kitchen. So how do you make this hard-working space friendly for both four and two-legged occupants?

Backsplash Bling

Here are some things to take into account before finalizing any backsplash plans or buying any material.

Mixing and Matching

Mixed and matched materials, colors and even shapes dominated the booths and showhomes of the International Builders' Show. While this design trick looks great, it's not so easy to pull off alone. 

Design Tips for Home Sellers

This is a special edition of Sensible Style, one geared toward the thousands of homeowners wanting--or needing--to sell their homes, condos or townhouses.

Easy Makeovers

Your kitchen is the sum of many parts, and when those parts need fixing, it's tempting to gut the entire thing with a remodel. Makeovers need not be overwhelming projects with endless investment of time and money. 

Kitchen Love

What are your favorite Valentine's gifts? Candy? Flowers? Jewelry? A romantic dinner? An island getaway? Here are some swoon-worthy treats along those lines that your kitchen would surely welcome.

Color Combinations

Among the most commonly asked kitchen design questions are which colors and materials work best together. That's what we'll be looking at this time around in Sensible Style, using three of the most popular cabinet finishes as a starting point.

Small Kitchens, Big Splurges

What if your kitchen is totally teeny-tiny? Consider yourself lucky. Kitchens like these give you the opportunity to splurge on higher-end products, even on a smaller budget. While it's more challenging to squeeze the storage and work space you need into tighter kitchens, it's much, much easier to add style without breaking the bank.

6 Small Kitchen Tips

This posting tackles the two most vexing issues associated with small kitchens: how to maximize your storage capacity and how to make a small kitchen look great. 

Whatever Happened to Julia Child's Kitchen?

When Julia Child moved from her longtime home in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2001, she sent her famously televised kitchen to the Smithsonian.

5 Common Kitchen Problems

Today the Kitchenology blog introduces Sensible Style, a series of guest postings by Jamie Goldberg, AKBD, CAPS, a kitchen designer and writer in Tampa, Fla.

Splendid Surfaces

Glamorous. Glorious. Sophisticated. Chic. My list of adjectives for the countertop and tile options at the 2009 Kitchen/Bath Industry Show goes on longer than Celine Dion's heart. 

Mass Market Zen

If the current economic state of the country has you constantly checking the sky to make sure it's not falling faster than the Dow Jones, you might want to consider welcoming a little Zen into your life (or at least your bathroom).

It's Hip to be Square

Design trends come in all shapes and sizes, but squares stole the show at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in 2008. 

The Space-Saving Age

Space-saving was a buzz word on the Builders' Show floor in 2008. 

A Spot for a Potfiller

If you haven't heard of them, potfillers are faucets placed near the range or cooktop that are pretty much exclusively used for filling pots with water. 

Appliance Shopping

Questions about appliances are never ending. I get them from our readers. I have them myself. So allow me to address a few of the frequently asked questions.

Must-Have Amenities

This is according to the "Home of the Future" study, conducted in 2006 by the National Association of Home Builders and based on polls of architects, designers, marketers and manufacturers. And it sounds about right. A lack of workspace and a lack of storage space are two of the most common problems that I hear about from homeowners who want to remodel their kitchens.

The (Outdoor) Kitchen of the Future

Since 1973, the average new single-family home has grown in size from 1,660 square feet to 2,459 square feet, with more bedrooms, more stories, more fireplaces, more porches, more patios… get the trend, I'm sure.

A Burning Case of House Envy

Show homes tend to inspire great jealousy in the heart. Today was no different.

Looking at Lighting

One day the overhead light in my kitchen made a loud cracking noise. Immediately thereafter, chunks of black plastic and a shower of black dust rained down on the kitchen table. Until then, I had not thought much about the kitchen lighting, except to note that it was sufficient for my needs. Was it still?

The Kitchenification of America

As the American home has grown in size, so has the American kitchen. 

Cooking Class

Last night I took a class at the Chopping Block, a cooking school located just down the street from at the Merchandise Mart (huge design center in Chicago). 

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