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Ask the Editor: Blending Wood Finishes

What Should I Keep in Mind When Choosing Cabinets and Flooring?

Ask the Editor: Lighting a Kitchen Island

Options for Lighting a Kitchen Island

Ask the Editor: Remodeling a Small Kitchen

Updating the Layout of an Old Kitchen

Ask the Editor: Cabinet Trends

Combining Painted and Stained Cabinetry

Ask the Editor: Adding an Island

Do I Have Room in My Kitchen for an Island?

Ask the Editor: Adjust Your Kitchen's Height

What Design Would You Recommend for a 4' 7" Person?

Ask the Editor: Refinishing and Refacing

Make Old Cabinets Look Like New

Ask the Editor: Colonial Colors

What Accent Color Will Pull My Kitchen Together?

Ask the Editor: A Timeless Finish

What is the Safest Cabinet Choice?

Ask the Editor: Accent Walls

How to Paint an Accent Wall

Ask the Editor: Dual-Fuel Ranges

Installing a Dual-Fuel Range

Ask the Editor: Convection Ovens

The Difference Between Convection Cook and Bake

Ask the Editor: Range Hood Power

How Powerful Should a Range Hood Be?

Ask the Editor: Small Appliances

New Appliances for Old Homes

Ask the Editor: Wolf vs. Viking

What's the Difference Between Wolf and Viking?

Ask the Editor: Choosing Granite

Get the Right Granite Color

Ask the Editor: Measuring the Kitchen

Get Accurate Dimensions for my Kitchen Remodel

Ask the Editor: Project Schedule

Where Can I Get a Project Plan for a Remodel? 

Ask the Editor: Where to Spend

Where Should I Spend My Remodeling Dollars?

Ask the Editor: Baking Centers

How Do I Create a Baking Center?

Ask the Editor: Test-Drive Appliances

How Can I Decide on a Commercial-Style Range?

Ask the Editor: Mixing Finishes

Finishes: To Mix or Not to Mix?

Ask the Editor: Colorful Cabinets

How to Make Red Cabinets Work

Ask the Editor: Warm Paint Colors

What Paint Colors Will Achieve a Warm Look?

Ask the Editor: Sealing Granite

How Do You Maintain Stone Countertops?

Ask the Editor: Sizing a Snack Bar

How Should I Size a Snack Bar Countertop?

Do All Appliances Have to Match?

Ask the Editor: Professional Style

Is Professional Style on the Way Out?

Ask the Editor: Kitchen Color Trends

What Colors Are Being Used in New Kitchens?

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