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Ask a Designer: Stainless Steel Pros & Cons

What are the pros and cons of stainless steel?

Ask a Designer: Matching Appliances

Do my appliances have to match?

Ask a Designer: Cooktop/Wall Oven vs. Range

Why choose a cooktop and wall oven instead of a range?

Ask a Designer: Appliance Trends

What are the latest trends in appliances?

Ask a Designer: Appliance Color

What color appliances should I get?

Ask the Editor: Dual-Fuel Ranges

Installing a Dual-Fuel Range

Ask the Editor: Convection Ovens

The Difference Between Convection Cook and Bake

Ask the Editor: Range Hood Power

How Powerful Should a Range Hood Be?

Ask the Editor: Small Appliances

New Appliances for Old Homes

Ask the Editor: Wolf vs. Viking

What's the Difference Between Wolf and Viking?

Ask the Editor: Test-Drive Appliances

How Can I Decide on a Commercial-Style Range?

Ask the Editor: Professional Style

Is Professional Style on the Way Out?

Pro Style Cooktops With Grills

Do you find yourself pining for professional-style kitchen amenities? If so, you're not alone.

Multi-tasking Appliances and Holiday Helpers

The holidays are just around the corner - I know, amazing, isn't it! - and your kitchen has been slacking off for months now. Especially during those lazy summer days when you lived outside by the grill. Break time is over.

Cash For Appliances Primer

When the U.S. government rolled out the "Cash for Clunkers" program in 2009, the instructions for consumers were pretty basic: trade in your old crappy car for a new efficient car and get a rebate up to $4,500.

A Fridge For Everyone

With ten new colorful designs prepared, Amana is asking homeowners for help deciding which fridge they'll launch into production.

Is Your Refrigerator Running?

But with Miele's new MasterCool refrigeration line, these bells and whistles are more than sound-they're substance too. An alarm alerts you if you've left your fridge door open for more than five minutes. (Don't worry about obnoxious beeping-if you're keeping that door open for a reason, like a refrigerator deep clean, you can turn the alarm off.)

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