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Additional Options


Digital displays are just one of many new options on modern dryers.

Here are some additional options that you may want to consider when purchasing a clothes dryer:

Some dryers have manual controls such as dials or push buttons: others have digital touchpad controls; some use a combination of the two. Touchpad controls are easier to clean, easier to see in poorly lit rooms, and allow you to program different settings. Of course, models with digital controls also tend to be more expensive.

Drying Rack
If many of your clothes need to be laid flat to dry or line-dried, you may want a dryer with a drying rack.

Drum Light
A light mounted inside the dryer drum makes it easier to see all your clothing — say, dark socks — when you unload the dryer.

Lint Filters
Many lint filters, or screens, are located inside the dryer door. Some dryers have top-mounted filters, which are easier to reach. Other options include a warning light that indicates when the filter needs to be cleaned or a sensor that prevents the dryer from running when the filter is full. Clean the lint filter regularly to prevent the risk of fire.

Noise Reduction
If your dryer will be on a main floor of your home and not the basement or garage, noise may be a concern. Dryers with additional insulation, sound packages or reinforced frames will run more quietly. You might also want to think about an end-of-cycle signal with adjustable volume, especially if you run the dryer at bedtime.

A one-year warranty is standard.



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