Outdoor Appliance Questionnaire

Things to Think About When Selecting Outdoor Appliances

Outdoor side burner with wok next to built-in grill.

Courtesy of Viking

Whether you're choosing a grill or planning a posh outdoor kitchen, keep in mind how much outdoor space you have and how many ways you need to use it.

To help focus your selection process, ask yourself the following questions. You also can print out the questionnaire and refer to it while visiting an appliance showroom or retail store.

PDF Version


  1. What times of year will I be able to cook or dine outdoors?

  2. What kind of cooking will I want to do outdoors? How often, and what types of food?

  3. What kind of entertaining do I do? Large groups or small?

  4. Do I want a charcoal, gas or hybrid grill? Do I want a grill I need to monitor closely or one I can walk away from?

  5. Do I prefer a standard black or stainless steel grill, or do I want one with distinctive style?

  6. Do I need professional-style features, or are standard options acceptable?

  7. Will my grill require a ventilation system?

  8. Do I have the proper gas, plumbing and electric hook-ups for a built-in grill, icemaker, refrigerator or other outdoor appliance?

  9. How much outdoor space do I have? How much of it can I dedicate to cooking?

  10. Will food and beverage prep and cleanup take place outside as well?

  11. Are environmental considerations such as energy and water savings important to me?

  12. Will I need to be able to move the outdoor appliances, or can they be permanently installed?

  13. Do I need specialty items such as a warming drawer or beverage chiller?





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