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The Rockstar Photographer

Design by Kelly Morisseau



The Icon

Paul Natkin

Paul Natkin

Professional Photographer; Vice President and Executive Director of Rock for Reading.

Paul Natkin's career in photography has led to some interesting situations, like playing billiards with Keith Richards, David Bowie and Eric Clapton. Besides photogrpahing rockstars, Natkin arranges charity events for the non-profit organization Rock for Reading.


The Designer

Kelly Morisseau

Kelly Morisseau

Kitchen, bath and interior designer; design blogger.

Kelly Morisseau has been in the design business for over 25 years, and she currently works in Northern California as designer for Main Street Kitchens. She's also the author of the cleverly titled blog "Kitchen Sync."


Kitchen Sketch and Products of Note

A sketch of the dream kitchen Kelly Morriseau designed for Paul Natkin.

Kelly designed Paul's kitchen so that it could open up and extend outside. You can see how the indoor kitchen island and bar seats continue outdoors when the patio doors are opened (so no, that is not a reflection). Kelly also designed this kitchen to maximize natural light, which is evident by the clerestory windows on either side of the range hood, as well as the twin sets of patio doors and massive window between them. The gray, framed squares above the doors and window are picture frames for Paul's favorite photos. For more products placed in this kitchen, read below.

Jenn-Air Perimetric Vent Hood

Jenn-Air Perimetric Vent Hood

A black high-gloss angled glass panel with stainless steel trim gives this hood its distinctive look as well as its name—2-inch vertical ventilation openings are located around the panel’s perimeter. The hood features a 600 cfm blower, three fan speed settings, concealed side-mounted controls and two halogen lights.

First Impressions Guitar Pulls

First Impressions Custom Guitar Pulls

Available in multiple sizes, 50 finishes and 100 colors, these guitar pulls can be used for cabinets, appliances, or entry or interior doors. Shown in sketch: 18-inch stainless steel pulls with engraved strings and chrome tuners.

Jenn-Air Cabinet-Depth French Door Fridge

Jenn-Air Cabinet-Depth French Door Refrigerator

This Energy-Star-qualified refrigerator has a custom overlay design so that custom panels and handles can be applied to it, allowing the fridge to blend with the cabinetry. At 72 inches high, it is three inches taller than most cabinet-depth fridges, providing extra room inside and more of a built-in-look. An internal water dispenser with filter keeps the exterior looking sleek.

Crystal Cabinets Staten Island bamboo door

Crystal Cabinets GreenQuest Bamboo Cabinetry

The GreenQuest cabinetry line is made from GreenCore plywood and particleboard, which contains renewable wood fiber with no added urea-formaldehyde resins. GreenQuest uses wood from Forest Stewardship Council-certified forests, and features a low-VOC, water-based finish.Shown in Staten Island, a ¾-inch thick horizontal grain three-ply bamboo door. Kelly chose a Honeytone finish with Raisin trim.


Design Notes

Mood board for Paul Natkin kitchen.

Perhaps music photographer Paul Natkin has dealt with one too many prima donna rock stars who specialize in preposterous requests. That might explain why his kitchen requests were simple and subdued.

Not surprisingly, he likes an abundance of natural light, and he isn’t partial to one particular color palette. For Paul, all colors are equal, or as he plainly stated when asked if he had a favorite color, “I'm a photographer, I don't believe in that stuff." Still, even though he’s not hung up on the color spectrum, Paul is fond of green design and sustainable living, which designer Kelly Morisseau was able to seamlessly incorporate. Her thoughts on Paul's kitchen are below:

  • “Since Paul’s a single person who cooks fresh when he can, he doesn’t need the largest refrigerator available,” Kelly explained. And even though Paul lives in Chicago, he likes to grill year round. This led to Kelly creating an outdoor kitchen that transitions easily to the indoor kitchen. “The Fleetwood patio doors slide completely into the wall turning both patio and kitchen into an extended entertaining area,” she said.

  • “Since Paul has an eye towards environmental concerns, many of the items were chosen because they used recycled products, like the recycled aluminum used in the patio doors and cabinet handles,” said Kelly. She used “woods and materials with an eye towards lower VOCs and proper wood stewardship, like cabinets and flooring.”

  • Finally, Kelly tried to incorporate just a hint of Paul's musical ties. “Since this is (hypothetically) the room that music built there should be at least a nod towards a memorable career,” she said. “Small touches would include…a pair of guitar handles for the refrigerator.”


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