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The Multitalented Jeweler

Design by Susan Palmer



The Icon

Tonia Kim

Tonia Kim

Jewelry Designer and Film Producer

Tonia Kim’s stunning line of women's jewelry, the Toki Collection, has quickly become a fixture in both big and boutique stores across the country. Besides designing jewelry, Tonia also holds a law degree and has helped produce a documentary film.


The Designer

Susan Palmer

Susan Palmer

Kitchen, bath and residential designer; design blogger.

Susan Palmer has been designing kitchens for over 25 years. While designing in Honolulu, she accumulated a slew of awards and credentials. Recently Susan relocated to San Antonio, and is currently setting up a new showroom there.


Kitchen Sketch and Products of Note

Dream Kitchen Sketch

Tonia enjoys modern design, but she didn’t want her kitchen to be too sparse or too dominated by square and rectangular shapes. She voiced her fondness for iconic design products, such the Cherner chairs and Nelson bubble lamps that were used in her kitchen. Both of those curvy and classic pieces add flair to the kitchen, which features other contemporary design staples: horizontal lines, stainless steel appliances and European-style cabinets.

Jenn-Air induction cooktop

Jenn-Air 36-inch Induction Cooktop

This five-burner cooktop uses electromagnetic energy to heat cookware, resulting in an extremely efficient heat transfer. It also features touch-activated LED controls that give the cooktop modern functionality and a sleek surface.

Cherner Chairs

Cherner Chairs

This iconic chair design from Norman Cherner first gained popularity in the early 1960s, and it remains a sought-after piece of furniture. The chairs and barstools are constructed of molded laminated plywood with a walnut finish, and are made with the exact specifications of the original models.

Jenn Air Island Ventilation Hood

Jenn-Air 42-inch Island-Mount Canopy Hood

Part of Jenn-Air’s Euro-style stainless suite, this island ventilation hood features clean lines, 90 degree edges and a stainless steel surface. It has a 600 CFM (cubic feet per minute) blower with four settings, as well as a sound silencing feature to prevent the blower from drowning out kitchen conversations.

George Nelson Bubble Lamp

Nelson Crisscross Pendant

George Nelson’s famous “bubble lamps” have been a modern design staple since their inception in the 1950s. The lamps are composed of a wire frame cloaked in polymer, and produce a soft, gentle light.


Design Notes

Mood board for Tonia Kim kitchen.

Jewelry maker Tonia Kim writes on her website that her designs juxtapose “a modern edge with the classics.” Her dream kitchen skews a little more towards the modern side, as Tonia noted that she likes “stark, white spaces, with neutral tones throughout.” There are classic pieces in this kitchen, although they are modern classics, like the George Nelson light fixture and Norman Cherner chairs. Tonia wasn’t tempted to go mad with modern though, as she was wary of having a kitchen that veered into the world of post-modern design (she said she didn’t want to come off like the recent Saturday Night Live skit about art collectors with a pretentious po-mo home).


With all that in mind, designer Susan Palmer created a kitchen that satisfied Tonia’s modern sensibilities while adding a dash of texture and plenty of functionality. Some of her design notes are below:

  • Susan chose Pedini cabinets for Tonia’s kitchen. An Italian cabinet company, Pedini offers the modern European look that Tonia desired. Susan’s overall design concept was a “moderne” style, and these cabinets anchored this look for Tonia’s kitchen.


  • To continue with the modern European theme, Susan chose appliances with Jenn-Air’s “European Stainless” finish.


  • Susan provided Tonia with a flexible entertainment area, as the kitchen island features a slide-out table that allows for extra seating if needed. There’s also a workspace featuring a desk and Cherner chair, enabling Tonia to run her business in an area that doesn’t compromise the rest of the kitchen’s design.


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