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The Icon

Terra Brockman

Terra Brockman

Farm activist, local food advocate, author

Terra connects Midwestern farmers with their local communities while saving land from development. Find out more about her non-profit, The Land Connection, and read more about Terra and her recently published book.


The Designer

Jennifer Gilmer

Kitchen, bath and residential designer

Jennifer Gilmer, an award-winning kitchen and bath designer in Chevy Chase, Maryland, has worked in the design industry for more than 20 years. She also started an online kitchen design studio, providing design solutions for people via the Internet.


Kitchen Sketch and Products of Note

Overhead sketch of dream kitchen for Terra Brockman designed by Jennifer Gilmer.

Just because Terra Brockman spends time working with farmers doesn’t mean she prefers to live in a barn. Her ideal kitchen has a modern and Asian flair to it. Certainly the years she spent living in New York City and Japan have helped shape her design preferences, just as her work with farms has drawn her to sustainable design. Below are some of the appliances, cabinets and faucets that Jennifer chose for Terra’s kitchen.

Jenn-Air Four Burner Gas Cooktop

Jenn-Air 30-Inch Gas Cooktop

With four gas burners, this 30-inch cooktop couples smooth stainless steel with high performance. It features one burner that offers up to 17,000 Btus of power, while another burner can reduce all the way down to 650 Btus.

Mizuki Asian Style Kitchen Cabinets

Mizuki Cabinets

Designed by Scott A. Stultz & Associates, Mizuki custom cabinetry channels traditional Japanese architecture to provide a distinct look. Available in a variety of woods, the Mizuki cabinets Jennifer chose for Terra’s kitchen are in rustic cherry.

Jenn-Air Cabinet Depth French Door Fridge

Jenn-Air Cabinet-Depth French Door Refrigerator

This Energy-Star-qualified refrigerator has nearly 20 cubic feet of space and a Euro stainless steel finish.The refrigerator’s French door, cabinet-depth design provides a stylish and ergonomic look. An internal water dispenser with filter keeps the exterior sleek and smooth.

dornbracht maro kitchen faucet

Dornbracht Maro Faucet

A past winner of a “Best-of-Year Award” from Interior Design magazine, the Maro faucet from Dornbracht has a striking, streamlined and avante-garde design. Its single-handle design accentuates the faucet’s easy-to-use functionality.


Design Notes

Mood board for Terra Brockman kitchen.

There is little doubt that Terra Brockman loves what she does for a living, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t prone to feeling exhausted at the end of the day. She describes her ideal kitchen as “a place that when you walk in your shoulders relax and you go, ‘Ahhhhh.’” According to Terra, that “place” is a veritable design melting pot, which looks “something like urban loft meets rustic treehouse with a bit of Japanese farmhouse (minka) and Italian country home.”


Another unique twist to this project: It used Terra’s current floor plan. She is currently renovating her kitchen and wanted to see what her dream kitchen would look like in her existing space. Designer Jennifer Gilmer took her floor plan and ran with it, creating a beautiful kitchen that melds multiple design influences. Some of Jennifer’s notes are below:


  • Terra promotes sustainable farming, so she wanted her kitchen to contain natural and green products. Jennifer included a bamboo center table as well as reclaimed oak flooring.


  • Besides bamboo and oak, Jennifer used other natural and green materials such as rustic cherry for the cabinets, stainless steel and marble for the countertops, and glass for the backsplash.


  • Jennifer featured Mizuki style cabinets and Shoji pantry doors to fulfill Terra’s request for Japanese design elements, while stainless steel countertops and appliances provided the “urban loft” feel that Terrra wanted to incorporate.


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