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Activist for Animals

Design by Ann Porter



The Icon

Kris Crawford

Kris Crawford

Animal activist and educator, founder of For Pits' Sake and Knock Out Dog Fighting.

Kris Crawford is devoted to raising awareness about the dangers and social ramifications of dog fighting. She also works with and trains pit bulls. Her organization, For Pits' Sake, and its programs, including Knock Out Dog Fighting, are based in San Jose, Calif.


The Designer

Ann Porter

Ann Porter

Interior Designer and Design Blogger

Ann Porter is a certified kitchen and bath designer working out of Naples, Fla., at the design firm Kitchen Studio of Naples. She also has a design blog, KitchAnn Style, where she frequently writes about design trends and new products.


Kitchen Sketch and Products of Note

Sketch of dream kitchen designed for Kris Crawford by Ann Porter.

Her three pit bulls have pride of place in Kris Crawford's heart, so it made sense to give them pride of place in her kitchen as well. Designer Ann Porter incorporated a tiled drinking fountain for the dogs into the kitchen island, while the appliance wall includes not just two ovens and a built-in microwave, but also a closed-circuit television so Kris could watch her "girls" in the yard. The cabinets to the right of the appliance wall feature pull-out bins for dog food and recycling, plus dishwasher drawers and a prep sink for dog bowls and toys. Find out more about some of the products chosen for Kris's kitchen below.

Jenn-Air double drawer dishwasher

Jenn-Air Double Drawer Dishwasher

This Energy-Star-qualified dishwasher holds 14 place settings, offers six wash cycles and has five options, including SuperScrub and sanitize. The drawers can be run separately or together. An integrated control console and the option to accept panels allow it to blend into the cabinetry.

CaesarStone quartz counter in champagne limestone.

CaesarStone Quartz Countertop

Made from 93 percent crushed quartz and 7 percent polymer resins and pigments, engineered quartz surfaces are nonporous as well as scratch-, stain- and heat-resistant. CaesarStone offers a lifetime warranty on its counters, which are available in more than 30 colors and in polished, honed and embossed finishes. Shown in Champagne Limestone.

Jenn-Air 36-inch gas cooktop

Jenn-Air 36-Inch Gas Cooktop

This cooktop has an easy-to-clean glass ceramic surface and five sealed burners, two of which are 650 Btu simmer burners and one that is a high-output 17,000 Btu burner. Electronic ignition and flame-sensing reignition improve user safety, and porcelain-on-cast-iron continuous grates make sliding pots and pans around easy to do.

Kohler 8 degree entertainment sink

Kohler 8 Degree Entertainment Sink

Made from 16-gauge stainless steel, this square, single-basin entertainment sink includes both a wine glass drying rack and a bottom basin rack. With a length and width of 18 inches and a depth of 9.5 inches, this spacious sink has front and back walls that slope outward from top to bottom, creating yet more room at the bottom.


Design Notes

Mood board for Kris Crawford kitchen.

Kris Crawford’s devotion to her three dogs—Cheyenne, Dakota and Tahoe—is so strong that she even makes their food herself. Her dogs must certainly appreciate this, but since all types of food are in one fridge, occasionally the dog food has wound up in the mouths of human guests scavenging for a snack (which clearly speaks to the quality of the dog food). So, one of Kris’s design requests was to have appliances that are strictly for her dogs. Designer Ann Porter, who has a dog of her own, understood all of Kris’s dog-specific kitchen needs, as well as the things Kris would enjoy for herself. Because even the consummate dog owner needs a few human treats.

  • To help separate the doggie items from the Kris items, Ann created a kitchen with two Jenn-Air 36-inch bottom mount refrigerators (people food in the one on the left, dog food on the right). Then she put a regular dishwasher and sink on the island for regular dishes, with a double drawer dishwasher and small prep sink to the side for cleaning up dog bowls and toys. Of course, Kris also wanted appliances that she enjoys as well. She preferred a gas cooktop, so she got a five-burner, 36-inch cooktop from Jenn-Air, plus two wall ovens and a built-in microwave.


  • Having three dogs can get a bit messy, so it was important for Kris to have surfaces that were non-porous and easy to clean. Ann chose two surfaces that had loads of style but little maintenance: CaesarStone quartz countertops with the look of limestone on the kitchen island, and ceramic tile flooring from Tau Ceramica.

  • Finally, Ann incorporated some truly unique touches to Kris’s kitchen that would make life easier and more serene for both her and her dogs. These items included an "upside-down" drawer with holes for dog-food bowls to rest in, a dog drinking fountain under the island, and a fireplace for Kris and her dogs to relax and hang out.


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