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Color Trends 2010

Bright & Bold for 2010

When it comes to putting color in your kitchen, it’s no easy task to balance the timeless tones with the trendy ones. An avocado green appliance might make your kitchen kitsch, but a bland mass of white paint is more boring than classic. So how does one choose a stylish shade with all this color confusion?

Thankfully, the Color Marketing Group, Paint Quality Institute, Pantone Color Institute, Benjamin Moore, Behr and Sherwin Williams have done that work for you. These color experts have announced their color trends for 2010 in palettes that promise to endure long after being en vogue. Their predictions set the tone in color trends for fashionistas, car manufacturers, graphic artists—and kitchen designers. Whether you’re repainting your walls, reupholstering your dining furniture, or picking an appliance in a new hue, now you too can take inspiration from these color trend reports.



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