$40,000 Kitchen

Opening the Kitchen to the Home

Initial Budget: $40,000.


Final Cost: $40,000. The client saved $2,750 by keeping the same refrigerator and microwave ($1,800) and by doing all the painting ($950).


Client's Goals:

  • Have the kitchen feel more like part of the living area of the house.
  • Make more efficient use of existing kitchen, service porch and breakfast nook
  • Modernize kitchen fixtures and appliances
  • Move laundry area out of the kitchen
  • Create more counterspace and enlarge work area
  • Create a look that is unique yet does not work against adjacent areas


Designer's Solutions:

  • Removed wall dividing kitchen and dining room to create a more open feel and join the kitchen with the rest of the house

  • Installed a new header between the kitchen and dining room and added an arch, mimicking other arches in the house

  • Used space more efficiently by choosing frameless cabinets and by removing the walls that defined the service porch and nook

  • Relocated the water heater

  • Relocated the washer and dryer to the storage room, creating space for the refrigerator and microwave

  • Added a pantry cabinet to the laundry area

  • Installed a new downdraft range, eliminating the need for a hood and maintaining the openness of the new design

  • Chose slab doors to maintain the clean lines of the design and not compete with other colors and details


Cabinets: Custom, frameless cabinets with white melamine interiors and laminate slab doors with eased edge. Accessories: Roll-out shelves, adjustable shelves, tip-out shelf, cutlery insert, trash drawer and brushed stainless steel pulls.

Appliances: Thermador dual-fuel range with downdraft and remote blower, GE dishwasher

Countertops: Laminate countertops with a square edge and 4-inch backsplash

Flooring: Laminate

Sink: Kohler self-rimming sink in white, stainless strainer, disposal

Faucet: White Kohler faucet and soap dispenser

Lighting: 11 recessed lights, 3 low-volt lights over bar area, puck-type lights in soffit





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