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Ask the Editor: Cabinet Trends

A kitchen with island and cabinets in contrasting colors.

Combining Painted and Stained Cabinetry


Question: "I am flipping a 1920 bungalow-style home and noticing a combination of painted and stained cabinets in the same kitchen. Is that the trend? I am thinking of off-white painted Shaker-style cabinets and a contrasting stained island. Thoughts? (I am also using a farm sink and stainless steel appliances)." —David B., N.C.  


Answer: Yes, combining painted and stained cabinets in the kitchen continues to be a strong trend. Using a different color for the island makes it look more like a furniture piece, which is how older kitchens looked.

A white kitchen is like a black tuxedo; it's a classic look that's hard to get wrong. You're smart to go with an off-white paint (ivory, cream and glazes are also popular) rather than a stark white, which is more contemporary.

You could do the white either on the wall cabinets or on the island; the first option would help to brighten and enlarge the kitchen's overall appearance, while the second would help make the island a focal point.

Shaker-style doors with wide rails and stiles are a great choice for a bungalow home. You may want to add some glass inserts in the upper cabinets for variety, authenticity and additional light.

For more ideas, I suggest picking up one of these two books: Bungalow Kitchens, by Jane Powell and Linda Svendsen, or The New Bungalow Kitchen, by Peter Labau.