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An Overview of Custom Cabinetry

Dark wood custom cabinetry in kitchen

Courtesy of SieMatic

With all the options of wood type, finish, organizational accessories, and more, custom cabinets are restricted by only one thing: your wallet!

The Basics
Within the limits of sound construction, the sky's the limit when it comes to the design and style possibilities of custom cabinetry.

There tend to be two kinds of custom cabinets: those made by a custom manufacturer and those made by a local "custom" woodworking shop. Local cabinetmakers produce the box, frame, and drawers in their shop. They will either fabricate the doors or order them from a company. You may want to ask your local cabinetmaker how much of it is done in-house. Don't assume that ordering doors indicates a lack of skill; specialty door companies produce high-quality doors and can help speed up the process.

Another point to consider when going with a local producer is the finish. Make sure to inquire about the finish process. To properly protect the doors, your cabinet's finish should include a moisture resistant sealant, catalytic conversion varnish, and baked on coats.

Custom manufacturers can make unfitted pieces, provide almost any finish color or door style, and fashion nearly any size cabinet you want. If you have a color you want to match, a custom cabinet shop can produce an exact equivalent.

Custom is the most flexible and typically the most expensive type of cabinetry and usually takes at least 6-10 weeks to deliver.


  • Can match any color

  • Almost no limitations


  • Often the most expensive type of cabinetry

  • Expect a minimum 6-10 week delivery time



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