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Your Options for Door Types

Wood Cabinet With Drawers

These full overlay doors hide almost all of the cabinet frame.

How the cabinet door fits over the cabinet box determines its basic type.

Full overlay doors 
have less than 1/8" between them-in effect, they fully lay over the cabinet. By definition, all frameless cabinets have full overlay doors. Manufacturers can attach full overlay doors to framed cabinets as well, however, creating a similar look. You can tell for sure whether a cabinet is framed or frameless by opening a door and checking for rails and stiles.

Partial overlay doors
conceal just some of the face frame-there is usually a ½" to 1" space between closed doors, allowing you to see much of the face frame. Because partial overlay doors are smaller than full overlay doors, they require less material, so this choice could slightly reduce your cabinetry's total cost.

Inset doors
sit within the rails and stiles and lay flush with the front edges of the cabinet box. Truly inset doors are only available with framed construction, but designers can achieve the same look using vertical pilasters on frameless cabinets. Note: wood may expand and contract because of humidity, causing rubbing between the door and stiles.

Lipped doors
are routed with a slight wooden groove to fit over the face frame.





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