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Popular in America during the 1800s, this house style is also known as a Classic Colonial style. The addition of columns makes the home look like a Greek temple.

General description:

  • Two to three stories

  • Large and formal

  • Rectangular and symmetrical with classic lines and ornamentation

  • Flat roof, balustrade, and belvedere

  • One or more chimneys extending through the roof


Exterior features to consider in kitchen design:

  • Brick or clapboard

  • Double-hung windows with shutters and small glass panes

  • Center entrance typically with columns and sidelights

Recommended kitchen design elements:


Cabinet Doors

  • Type: Lipped or full overlay

  • Style: Raised curved panel

  • Finish: Stain or paint

  • Wood: Cherry, maple, or oak


  • Laminate

  • Soapstone

  • Granite


  • Linoleum

  • Ceramic

  • Wood

Architectural Details

  • Simple crown moulding

  • Dado board

  • Chair rail






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