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Popular in England during the reigns of the four King Georges, this house style was built in the United States in the 1700s and 1800s. Its appealing classic lines have made it a favorite in the suburbs.

General description:

  • Two to three stories

  • Large and formal

  • Rectangular and symmetrical with classic lines and ornamentation

  • Hip roof

  • Gabled center entrance

  • Two chimneys, one at each end

Exterior features to consider in kitchen design:

  • Brick with corner quoins of stone; clapboard and shingle facing is less common

  • Double-hung windows without shutters

  • Center entrance typically with Greek columns and sidelights

  • Palladian-style windows often found either over the front door or at each end

Recommended kitchen design elements:


Cabinet Doors

  • Type: Lipped or full overlay

  • Style: Raised curved panel

  • Finish: Stain or paint

  • Wood: Cherry, maple, or oak


  • Laminate

  • Soapstone

  • Granite


  • Linoleum

  • Ceramic

  • Wood

Architectural Details

  • Simple crown molding

  • Dado board

  • Chair rail








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