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The Saltbox style evolved when a lean-to shed was added on to the rear of the house. The rear typically faced north to fend off cold winter winds. The name comes from the home's resemblance to the saltbox found in old general stores.

General description:

  • Square or rectangular

  • Steep gable roof that extends down to the first floor in the rear

  • Large central chimney


Exterior features to consider in kitchen design:

  • Clapboard or wood shingles

  • Large double-hung windows with shutters and small glass panes

  • Simple center entrance in front

  • No windows above the first floor in the rear

Recommended kitchen design elements:


Cabinet Doors

  • Type: Inset

  • Style: Recessed panel

  • Finish: Stain

  • Wood: Maple or oak


  • Laminate

  • Soapstone


  • Linoleum

  • Ceramic

Architectural Details

  • Simple crown molding

  • Dado board

  • Chair rail




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