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Should people ever consider painting tiles?

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Thinking about painting backsplash tiles? Most of our designers would beg you to think twice, or at least, do plenty of research before reaching for a brush.

Lori Carroll, Interior Designer: Personally, I wouldn't recommend painting any wall tile. I'm sure it is done, but that is a job I would leave to the professionals!


Lisa Elkins, Architect: There is a paint called Break-Through that applies easily onto tile. So if you like the texture but not the color of your tile, a product like that can be an option. You'll lose the differentiation between the tile and grout, but if you like the paint color it shouldn't be a problem. Breakthrough was developed for garage floors, so it is really durable. But it does not come off easily.


David Portales, Spanish Tile Association: As for painting tile, if that's your renovation idea, abandon ship!


Verdict: Most of the experts we interviewed were not keen on painting over tile. But if new tile isn't an option, certain industrial-strength paints can work well on hard-to-paint surfaces.