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Ask a Designer: Cooktop/Wall Oven vs. Range


Why choose a cooktop and wall oven instead of a range?

Cheryl: When it comes to selecting a wall oven versus a cook top versus a freestanding range, a lot of times it has to do with what type of space we have in the kitchen. With wall ovens you have the benefit of gaining two ovens versus a freestanding 30 inch range which would have one oven. Double ovens are something that is very commonly asked for, but a lot of times if we have a small kitchen, we can't fit double wall ovens and a cook top. Some 30 inch freestanding ranges now have warming drawers built in down below the oven.

Eileen: Some people want a larger cook top area. They want some burners. They want a griddle. They want to grill. So it takes up more room or they want to be able to move around five pots and pans at once. So they need a larger space. That requires a larger hood area. The ovens, like I said, some people want multiple ovens. So you can have a roast in one oven and your baking in another oven at the same time, especially for entertaining or having large dinner parties.