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New Products

Maestro Mosaics Natural Wall Tiles

These coconut shell tiles from Maestro Mosaics feature elaborate woven patterns based on traditional Balinese art.

Shirestone Custom Countertops

Like concrete, Shirestone Custom Countertops are stamped, stained and sealed to create a wide range of custom looks.

Armstrong Locking Hardwood Flooring

Armstrong's locking hardwood floors can be installed without glue, staples or nails over a variety of subfloors, much like click laminate flooring.

Dacor Epicure Dual-Fuel Ranges

Dacor's 36" and 48" Epicure dual-fuel ranges offer RapidHeat bake and broil elements designed to reduce preheat times, four convection cooking modes, and continuous cast-iron grates.

Julien Vintage Collection Kitchen Sink

Made of 16-gauge, 90 percent recycled stainless steel, Julien's Vintage Collection of kitchen sinks are hand-welded and hand-polished, not stamped.

Oliveri Space-Saving Round Sink

Oliveri's space-saving round sink with European-style drainboard can be used in the kitchen, laundry room or bar and is shallow enough to allow a dishwasher to be installed beneath it.

White River Hand-Carved Moldings

Embellish existing or new cabinets with a new line of adornments for cabinetry and furniture from White River.

Totally Bamboo Countertops

It's not hard to guess what material Totally Bamboo specializes in, and recently they've come out with a line of countertops made from the durable and stylish wood.

Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel

For those who want the look of stainless steel appliances, but don't have the cash to buy new ones, Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel provides a DIY solution.

Culinablu Modular Kitchens

Culinablu Living Kitchens offers contemporary kitchen furniture in more than 250 combinations of door style and finish.



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