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Storage Ideas for Modern Kitchens

Kitchen Drawer Storage

Above: A drawer insert for kitchen utensils at the Florense showroom in Chicago.

Florense is a Brazilian cabinet and furniture maker, and its Chicago showroom featured contemporary kitchen vignettes that were flush with frameless, lacquered cabinets. The newest vignette in the showroom is a long and lean all-white kitchen in minimalist style, shown below.

 White Modern Kitchen Florense

But what really caught my attention was a storage solution in a different vignette. This kitchen eschewed traditional drawers. Instead, as you can see below, it had two drawers disguised as one. 

Hidden Kitchen Cutlery Drawer


Kitchen Drawer Storage Solution    


Inside the hidden drawer was a a second pullout with a wooden cutlery tray.
Kitchen Drawer Cutlery Tray

Another design feature I liked at Florense was dining tables attached to kitchen islands. The kitchen below features a marble countertop on the island, and an attached table with a walnut veneer top. This table attachment provides a look you might see at a sushi bar. It's an especially good idea for smaller homes and condos, where a dining table attached to a kitchen island can efficiently room to eat without taking up too much square footage.

Kitchen Island Attached Dining Table


What do you think?


  • Would you want an island with dining table attachment, or do you prefer a traditional kitchen islands that have bar seating?


  • Would you prefer a hidden cutlery drawer to a more traditional one?

    —Mark Rumble, Senior Editor







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