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Ask a Designer: Appliance Trends

Thursday, 01 August 2013 22:12

What are the latest trends in appliances?

Vacation Home Kitchens

Thursday, 25 August 2011 23:00
A white kitchen with light wood floors.

These Del Rey cabinets by American Woodmark are perfect for a beachy kitchen.

It's summertime - and the living is easy! This Sensible Style is dedicated to vacations…and vacation home kitchens.

Recycled Tile for Backsplashes

Tuesday, 21 February 2012 23:00

Photo courtesy of Michael Keeny and Kee Sites.

Fireclay Tile's Debris series recycled ceramic tiles. House designed by Josh Mogal of Ecohistorical homes.

We recently added several new slides to the Backsplash Tips & Trends slideshow (if you want to see only the new ones, start with this slide about European backpslash ideas). 

Ask the Editor: Adjust Your Kitchen's Height

Wednesday, 13 June 2012 15:55
A kitchen with a separate cooktop and two singe wall ovens placed at same convenient height.

This kitchen features a separate cooktop and two single wall ovens placed at the same convenient height. Base cabinets with drawers add more storage than those with doors and shelves, and eliminate the need for some wall cabinets.

What Design Would You Recommend for a 4' 7" Person?

Storage Ideas for Modern Kitchens

Thursday, 13 October 2011 23:00
Kitchen Drawer Storage

Above: A drawer insert for kitchen utensils at the Florense showroom in Chicago.

This week I had the opportunity to visit the Florense showroom in Chicago, one of just a handful in the United States (a second is in New York City, and a third is planned for Miami).





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