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Must-Have Amenities

Average Kitchen

Here's an example of an "average" kitchen:

The pros in the know - designers, architects, manufacturers and such - say that the most important kitchen amenities in the average new home are: 

  1. Counter space

  2. Cabinet space

  3. Double sink

  4. Table space for eating

  5. Size (floor area)


This is according to the "Home of the Future" study, conducted in 2006 by the National Association of Home Builders and based on polls of architects, designers, marketers and manufacturers. And it sounds about right. A lack of workspace and a lack of storage space are two of the most common problems that I hear about from homeowners who want to remodel their kitchens.

Here's an example of an "average" kitchen: your basic U-shaped layout with efficient work triangle against one wall of the townhome; on the opposite wall, a built-in desk that can function as a home office and offers additional storage space. And just enough room for a small round table in the middle.

Average Kitchen Average Kitchen 3

In the upscale home, space seems to be less of an issue, the assumption being, I suppose, that square footage is a given. And perhaps a chef or housekeeper is taking care of cooking and clean-up.

  1. Cabinet space
  2. Appliance quality,
  3. Size (floor area)
  4. Counter space
  5. Double sink
  6. Walk-in pantry
  7. Flooring


The gleaming miles of wood cabinetry in the upscale kitchen remind me of libraries in European castles, while the refrigerator, cooktop and ventilation hood offer the power and performance of restaurant-style appliances.


Upscale Kitchen Upscale Kitchen 2






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