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Living Space Debate: Ideal Square Footage

2011 New American Home Exterior

Photo by James F. Wilson

The exterior of The New American Home for 2011.

There were two show homes that caught our attention, and both were a far cry from the average size of new homes built in 2010; 2,377 square feet according to the Wall Street Journal. One of the show houses we couldn't ignore was The New American Home, an 8,500-square-foot boxy behemoth that also manages to be extremely eco-friendly. The other home that gave us pause was the diminutive and green Eco-Cabana, which measured in at 528 square feet.


The floor plans for the first floor of The New American Home, and the entire Eco-Cabana, respectively. Click on the thumbnails to see larger images of the floor plan.


Eco Cabana Home Exterior

 A rendering of the Eco-Cabana home.



Whether you like huge homes or cozy apartments is a matter of personal and lifestyle preference. But there's no denying that with an efficient setup, you can do a great deal with a small space. And when you have an 8,500-square-foot home, you might have a room that's a bit superfluous. Example: the great room in The New American Home measures at 726 square feet, which is bigger than the entire Eco-Cabana. The Eco-Cabana features a kitchen, dining area, living room, bathroom and bedroom.

Great Room 2011 The New American Home

Photo by James F. Wilson

The great room in The New American Home for 2011.


For anyone who has lived in a big city like New York or San Francisco, 528 square feet can seem downright spacious, at least for one or two people. And for those who enjoy design, finding ways to make a small space seem large can be an exciting challenge. The Eco-Cabana does a great job of creating an appealing setup with a small amount of space. And while the vastness of The New American Home was something to behold, it definitely made us wonder: how many people really need an 8,500-square-foot-home with a 726-square-foot great room? Let us know your ideal home size in the comments below.

Small and Efficient Kitchen

The Eco-Cabana's small but efficient kitchen.









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