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Holiday Kitchen Gadgets

Rotato Express

Images courtesy of Rotato Express

Rotato Express Potato Peelers

In the coming weeks, your kitchen will see lots of action with dinner parties, family get-togethers and more. Take a deep breath and prepare your holiday headquarters for the festivities with these great little gadgets that will make your life easier. (Or consider them as a gift instead.)


Peel it Away

There are few kitchen tasks we dread as much as the mundane peeling of a potato. Fortunately, the Rotato Express takes care of all our troubles by peeling veggies in seconds. By rotating the potato on its end, the Rotato uses a small blade to scrape away the peel, then stops rotating once the potato is skinned. If potatoes aren't your thing, the Rotato Express can peel apples, lemons and more. [$24.95, Fresh Finds]


Oilless Turkey Fryer

Images courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer


Oilless but Fried

Without needing one drop of oil, your turkey dinner (or pork, or chicken) can be cooked to perfection using the Oilless Turkey Fryer from Hammacher Schlemmer. Using propane-powered infrared technology, the 18,000 BTU burner transfers heat to the unit's stainless steel interior where the meat is cooked evenly and healthily. A whole 12-pound bird can be cooked in less than two hours. [$199.95, Hammacher Schlemmer]


Nordic Ware Pie Top Cutter

Images courtesy of Nordic Ware


Sliced and Nice

Beautify your pie with a pie-top cutter like this one from Nordic Ware. Its reversible sides allow you to make either intricate lattice crusts or adorable shapes to add a refined touch to your homemade pie. Roll out your dough and press it against the mold for a sophisticated touch that is as easy as pie. [$11, Nordic Ware]


Play and Freeze

Images courtesy of Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker


Toss 'til Sweet

What's pie without a scoop of ice cream? Rather than rushing to the store for a pint of the sweet stuff, try using the Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker to concoct your own ice cream at home. Pour ice, rock salt, cream, vanilla and sugar into the ball's chamber and then toss, roll or throw it around until the mixture freezes to create a sweet dessert. Consider the Play and Freeze for entertaining antsy children bit by the holiday bug. [About $30, Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker ]









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