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2011 Kitchen Gift Guide

You give gifts to relatives you rarely see, so why not give a gift to your kitchen, which you use every day!

Here's my Sensible Style take on giving a gift you'll enjoy for years to come. In the interest of saving you time and mileage, I've created this gift guide so that you can click on each picture to buy the item conveniently from


Kitchen Gifts for Wine Lovers

I enjoy a great glass of wine with dinner. If you do, too, consider these gift ideas for your own kitchen;  or for a wine lover on your gift list:


Wine Enthusiast 12-Bottle Wine Refrigerator

Let's presume that you don't have room for a built-in wine captain. Can you accommodate a countertop wine fridge? This model doesn't hold a tremendous amount of wine, but it has enough storage to satisfy a casual wine drinker.



Ennospace Wine Shelves

I think these are great-looking and extremely functional. I'd opt for two shelves: one for red wine glasses, the other for white. That will free up a cabinet and take advantage of unused wall shelves!





Riedel Champagne Glasses

Why not toast the New Year with your favorite champagne in classic Riedel champagne glasses? Doesn't Dom Perignon deserve the Dom Perignon of champagne glasses?


For more Sensible Style gifts for wine lovers, click here.


Kitchen Organization Gifts

OK, I'm not an avid cook. Still, I appreciate kitchen accessories that make organization easy during those times when I prepare meals. These are my gift suggestions to help keep your kitchen in order.


Henckels In-Drawer Knife Block

I love in-drawer knife blocks. They keep your countertops clear and keep your knives away from young eyes and hands.



Knape & Vogt Tray Dividers

I got hooked on tray dividers a while back when my Florida kitchen came with a semi-useless 15-inch-wide base cabinet. That's too narrow for a roll-out tray, so we installed a pair of tray dividers. Voila, the perfect solution for storing baking sheets, cutting boards, platters and pizza stones. This deluxe model rolls out for greater convenience!




Axis Natural Wood Drawer Organizer (Ideal for Spices!)

This is the most practical solution to spice organizing that I've found. After trying wall cabinet step organizers and in-drawer tiered models, I've found drawer dividers to be the most practical, user-friendly system for having my spices readily available and organized. (I alphabetize mine so I can find them faster; again, spending more-than-necessary time preparing meals is just not my thing!) The one shown is designed for dresser drawers and will be too tall for drawers shallower than four inches high. Measure carefully before ordering! Similar styles are available in shorter configurations!



For more Sensible Style gifts for food lovers, click here.



Kitchen Gifts for Everyone

Everyone's got a kitchen, right? Here are some gift ideas — whether you own or rent — that will enhance your time in that space!


Wellness Mats

A cushioned, anti-fatigue mat, like the one that Wellness Mats kindly sent me at the beginning of this year, is a wonderful gift to your feet, legs, hips and back! You'll especially enjoy it at this time of year when you're probably spending extra time in the kitchen preparing holiday meals and entertaining more guests.



Phillips Docking System

I listen to music during most of my waking hours, including when I'm working in the kitchen. I also have my iPhone on hand all the time. A docking station in the kitchen lets me enjoy my tunes and stay charged at the same time. This model also works for iPods and iPads.



To read the entire Sensible Style gift guide — including offerings for your powder room and master bath — click here.





© 2011, Jamie Goldberg, AKBD, CAPS. Excerpted from Gold Notes: Nuggets from the World of Residential Design

Jamie is an NKBA-certified designer of kitchens and baths in San Diego, Calif. She can be reached at (619) 796-2217 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.











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