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Create Your Own Professional Style Kitchen

Just like us, professional chefs have kids who prefer mac-and-cheese from a box to truffled risotto. Just like us, they make do with the appliances they have and dream about the ones they want. And, just like us, they never have enough counter space.

No high-Btu range, spice rack pullout or immense kitchen island can provide the path to culinary greatness. Like anything else worth doing well, cooking requires practice.

Even so, quality appliances, good storage and an efficent layout can help kitchen dilettantes and die-hards alike save time and enjoy themselves more—while cleaning up as well as while cooking.

On the following pages, both chefs and designers explain the essential elements of a true cook's kitchen at home. Whether remodeling, re-decorating or building a new kitchen, you'll find valuable tips and ideas.

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