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Two Different Approaches to A New Kitchen

A remodeled kitchen might feel like a new kitchen, but technically speaking, new kitchens are built when new homes are built, and kitchen remodels take place in existing kitchens.

Of course, that's just the basic definition. There are several different types of remodels and various factors that go into how a new kitchen will look. Some things to consider with remodels and new kitchens include:

  • If you're buying a new home, the flexibility you have in designing your kitchen will depend on whether you are buying a custom home, a developer-built home or a spec home.

  • A kitchen remodel has to take into account many facets of your existing home. If you work within the constraints of your home, you can simply redecorate your kitchen by painting or replacing some of your old appliances.

  • For homes with outdated appliances, materials and even plumbing, a gut remodel might be your best option. And if space is an issue, then you might have to consider adding additional square footage.


For a more in-depth look at your options, explore the following sections on new kitchens and kitchen remodels.



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