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In the last 35 years, what have you seen change in backsplash design?

Crossville Backsplash
Photo Courtesy of Crossville

As backsplashes have evolved over the years, they've went from functional parts of the kitchen to a dimension of a kitchen that allows for creative design. The photo above shows a current backsplash with an artistic element.

Lori Carroll, Interior Designer: I believe backsplashes are a more thought out design element than in years past. Kitchens and bathrooms are definitely defined by the materials now. Back in the 1970's when I started, backsplashes were mainly for practicality. Options like copper, latex paint or even faux "Z-bricks" were the standard. With a diverse selection of natural products available today, designers can be more creative in their kitchen and bathroom designs.

Verdict: Once an afterthought, backsplashes are now a primary design element in many kitchens. In other words, when redesigning your kitchen in the 21st Century, don't neglect the backsplash.