/ Backsplashes

There are many great reclaimed wood kitchen products, but could you use reclaimed wood in a backsplash design?

Farmhouse Kitchen
Photo by Paul Dyer, courtesy of CCS Architecture

You can use reclaimed wood for something like a countertop, as seen in the kitchen above. But using reclaimed wood for a backsplash can be a difficult proposition.

Lisa Elkins, Architect: I see it on a lot of tables and cabinetry, but not for backsplashes. People want something that's easily cleanable for a backsplash, so I haven't seen it used that way. I saw a beautiful wall in a home that used reclaimed wood, but it wasn't used as a backsplash.

Verdict: Reclaimed wood can be great for making some kitchen products, but don't expect to find it available for backsplashes.